2018 Art Show and Bazzaer

Japan Fair.            July ,8
Japan week Bellevue College October 6
East Lake Bazzar November 3
Ayamekai.             November 17
Kent Commons.   November 30,December 1

2017 Art Show

8,9 July                  : Japan Fair
23,23 September  : Sammamish Art Fair 
4 November.         : East Lake Holiday Bazaar (try to apply)
18 November.       : Ayamekai (try to apply)
2 December.         : St.Peter's (try to apply)
2,3 December.      : Kent Commos Holiday Bazaar 

2016 Art show

September     Japan Fair 
October.         Sammamish Art Fair
November.     Ayamekai Art show
December      Kent Commons Holiday
Portland Japnese Garden 
I made two Washi Paper Dolls, one Geisya and one girl.
Behind the Shouji
Japanese Garden in Portland 
Japanese-Inspired Show & Sale
July 12 ~ August 16, 2015

I will joint the show, and I will demonstrate my art 11am on 26 July.
My Chigirie got 2nd place!

2015 Kirkland Art Exhibition 
Chigirie "Light house"

Tennyo 天女
Thank you for coming Bazzar!
I had great experience.
See you next time!

Holiday Bazzar

In Kent
December 5 Friday     10am~6pm
                 6 Saturday  9am~5pm

The 6th  Annual
Kirkland Senior Art Show 

Kirkland Merrill Gardens
14 Main St, Kirkland, WA 98033

Art work will be display from August 7 to 18th, 2014 

My Exhibited Work

Categories :   Oils & Acrylics,
                      Water Colors
                      Other Media 
                      (pastels etc.)



Oiran were courtesans in Japan. The Oiran were considered a type of Yujo(遊女) "woman of pleasure"or prostitute. How ever, they distinguished from ordinary Yujo in they were entertainers, and many became celebrities outside pleasure districts. They art and fashions often set trends and, because of this, cultural aspects of Oiran traditional continue to be preserved to this day.
By Wikipedia 
Noh, or Nogaku derived from the Shino-Japanese word for "skill" or "talent" - is a major from of classical musical drama that has been prerformed since the 13th century. Many characters are masked, with men playing male and females roles.Traditionally, a Noh "performance day" lasts all day and consists of five Noh plays interspersed with shorter, humorous Kyogen pieces. However, present-day Noh performances often consist of two Noh plays with one Kyogen play between.

While the file of Noh performance is extremely codified, and regulated by the IEMOTO system, with an emphasis on tradition rather than innovation, some preformers do compose new plays or historical ones that are not a part of the standard reprtoire.  Works blending Noh with other theatrical traditions have also been produced.

By Wikipedia